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I know you

I know you.

I know what goes on inside of you

I understand the pain you feel.

Your need for acceptance

The tales of grandeur, all to mask the fear inside.

I know you.

I know about your lost loves

The loves unrequited

Why you go overboard and stretch yourself

Doing for us all

I know you, Oh how I know you

The facades you doff from head to toe not even feeling it!

Wanting others to see your togetherness.

So many of us are you, we the do gooders in the community

Work hard to bring about change, beauty, fairness and equality.

We exhaust ourselves doing

Creating ourselves heroes.

I know you.

I know us.

I know me

No , No! now don’t speak, don’t attempt to explain!

It’s a cover for the pain, the need for gain that runs deep in our veins.

Oh how I know you…

By Carol Douglas Welter.