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Do you feel my presence as I do yours?

Do you remember me?

I see your eyes. In the forest on that morning walk long ago you crossed the path and continued on…

Those eyes… again three years ago. You looked out at me from the knots the tree bark formed. A great Oak swaying legato on the wind…

You embodied the brindle feline who petitioned breakfast at the door but refused to tarry, her eyes your eyes reminisce.

And again your visage haunted me in the soil. Try as I might to fashion the seed bed. All attempts to bury you with compost your eyes penetrated my efforts and followed my gaze as Mona Lisa…

You the Bear so long ago, you gazed with intention through the scrubby fur. The tracks of the tree bark making river pools of ripples in the tree as you gazed out toward me reaching…

Now today, in my haste I drove past, seeing the sign “Give water food hungry”

There you were in my rear view turning toward me running. I recognized! You saw the person who gave you sardines at the back door, you remembered my yeaning touch of the tree bark, I remembered your insistence in the garden soil.

You have transcended, evolved reaching out to me. I applaud your eyes…

Carol Welter

February 2019